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Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press pairs exclusive content with the latest technology to deliver customizable products and services to libraries and their patrons worldwide. We blend video, audio, and text with cutting-edge online tools to transform the way people research, learn, and teach in virtually every discipline.

Through partnerships with thousands of the world’s leading content providers, we provide high-quality resources in disciplines including history, literature, music, health sciences, business, and engineering.

Our success springs from our team of creative, dedicated employees—from software developers and indexing specialists to subject-matter experts and former librarians. Our employees work closely together to envision and implement technology solutions that anticipate users’ needs at every stage of the learning process.

Alexander Street offers a suite of products and services, all delivered on our user-friendly interface, to help libraries of every type leverage their resources to the fullest. Our resources include:

Award-winning Online Collections: More than 100 databases curated by expert editors
Discipline-level Products: Cost-effective offerings grant access to content spanning entire topic areas
Individual Streams and DVDs: 10,000+ educational films in dozens of subject areas
Evidence-based Acquisition: A flexible model for building custom collections based on the “evidence” of your patrons’ usage
Powerful Interface: Featuring dozens of online features—including semantic facet browsing, playlist-building functionality, synchronous transcripts, and an instant citation exporter—that enhance learning and scholarship.

Alexander Street Press currently serves more than 3,500 institutions across 60 countries from our offices in Alexandria, Virginia; London; Shanghai; and New York City. To find out what we can do for your academic, public, or research library, drop us a line at info@alexanderstreet.com.